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The Pinewood Burger

Pinewood Burger

Double Angus Stack with American Cheese fully dressed with lettuce, tomato, red onion, remoulade, and bacon. Even better is that you can snag one of these beauties for $5 from 3-6pm during the week!

How to Eat a Hamburger, According to Science

A group recently concluded that there is one solid, preferred way to eat a burger: thumbs and pinkies on the bottom, middle three fingers on top. The uniformly spread fingers help keep the burger together at all times, thus keeping

Chomp and Stomp – Brewdega Style


Join us for some chili and other special treats at Chomp and Stomp, November 2, 2014 in the Cabbagetown neighborhood of Atlanta. We’ll have two types of chili on hand and maybe a special addition or two as well (wink,

Awwww Cheval Burger


Love at first bite. Awwww Cheval! I finally had the chance to eat the much talked about burger at Au Cheval in Chicago. It is a double stack that competes with the best I’ve had. On the menu, it’s listed



What’s in a code name? No giggles here at One Eared Stag. Meatstick is the name of the double stack served at lunch daily and at the bar during the evening. It comes served with a knife stabbed through the