Awwww Cheval Burger

Love at first bite. Awwww Cheval!

I finally had the chance to eat the much talked about burger at Au Cheval in Chicago. It is a double stack that competes with the best I’ve had. On the menu, it’s listed as a single. If you order a double, it has 3 patties. Whoa! It was suggested that I add egg and bacon. I decided to go with the basic burger so I could equally compare to others I’ve had.

The burger comes with two patties covered in american cheese, topped by a dijonaise, thinly sliced sour pickles and chopped onions. It is a very juicy and delectable bite. I loved that the patties had some char, but were not overcooked. This doesn’t happen to often with double stacks.

If you’re ever in Chicago, head to the West Loop. Grab a seat at the counter and order a single. You won’t regret it. Also, an awesome beer list too.

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